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John Parrish Live On Tonight’s The “On Blast” Show

John Parrish – better known for his portrayal of Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs in Mortal Kombat II and 3 – will be live on tonight’s episode of The “On Blast” Show. Hosts JamessMK and DarKNaTaS will be asking John questions directly from the fans, so be sure to send your questions over to @theonblastshow.

The show starts tonight at 10PM EDT on Twitch. Don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “John Parrish Live On Tonight’s The “On Blast” Show”

  1. Explain the MGP controversy in 1993?

    Why didn’t your Yellow Suit make it to the MK2 installment?

    Was there Popularity being the Top tier Character in MK2?

    Can John Parrish do Multiple Ground Pound in the Arcades?

    Why didn’t your “Air Energy wave didn’t make it to the Movelist?

    Why did Ed Boon leave the MGP (multiple Ground pound) Glitch in MK2?

    Do you Still own your Red and Blue Spandex’s and Fanny Packs?

    Did you make special Features in Arcade’s in chicago during the time of MK2

    Did John parrish Date Sonya during MK2 production?

    Whats your gamertag in the PSN?

    Does John Parrish have a Facebook? and can we have your email?

    Can you say “Gotcha” Out loud Live to us?

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